Auburn Community Gardens

In Lord’s Acre garden friendships evolve as vegetables are tended. The all -volunteer garden includes support by community members, youth groups, civic groups and children of all ages. The Outward Bound Youth Service Leaders program has made a summer visit with a group of high school students who volunteer their labor to our cause.   The garden environment grows common purpose friendships as well as a bounty of vegetables.


The garden at Lord’s Acre is committed to bringing awareness to the food insecurity issue that has no geographical boundaries.  Whether you are in rural southeast Nebraska, the urban areas of Omaha and Lincoln or the greater global community, hunger exists in all forms and severities.

Lord’s Acre fresh veggies are donated to local and regional food pantries, offered at WIC clinics, given to the SNAP Education Program and distributed to folks in need. The bulk of the vegetables are sold at Farmer’s Market where the monies raised are donated to local, regional and global hunger projects.  The proceeds also allow the garden to remain self -sustaining.

Hunger Related Projects Supported

$6,500 DONATIONS IN 2013

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Southeast Nebraska Community Action
  • Heifer Project International
  • Nemaha Country Extension  Nutrition Program
  • Lincoln Mobile Food Pantry
  • Feeding 44
  • Kids Against Hunger